When it comes to website development, hosting speeds tend to vary all the time, and that’s the main reason we have tried more than 100 sites, and each one was tested with a variety of hosting providers. The important thing to note that testing was done in Washington DC and San Francisco.

Web Hosting Speed Test in 2016

Loading times were:


Result summary

As you can read from the tests, the fastest web hosting providers were iPage and 1&1 Hosting as they managed to maintain at the top. Some shifts did occur in the list with Bluehost having a massive drop in speeds. Arvixe wasn’t as good as last year when it was the first one, which is quite unfortunate but it does a shoe that changes do appear, and we have to focus on understanding them when we choose a host.


Interesting things seen during the tests

One nice thing to see here is that iPage is very fast on the East Coast, a lot faster than the West coast whereas 1&1 is the exact opposite here. IPage managed to have an average of .61 on the west coast, but 1&1 went below that with .55

Moreover, it seems that shared hosting works great despite VPS being a very good solution. AWS does work great but it doesn’t make a huge difference if you compare it to shared hosting and that does show that the shared hosts are a viable option this year.

Arvixe did get some issues, and they lost market share which is unfortunate. But there are plenty of options you can choose from, and all you have to do is to give them a shot! Bluehost is maybe the one surprise people did not expect. They screwed up big time, with more than 2 seconds of access they aren’t doing well at all. In fact, they are two times worse than HostGator which is placed before them.
Hosting recommendations

There are plenty of options in the hosting world right now, and many of them are quite inexpensive. That’s especially true in the case of iPage, but other options like Inmotion Hosting or 1&1 Hosting can be safe bets here for sure. For those website owners that want to move to VPS, they can check out AWS or Linode as these sites can support more than 10k visitors per month if not more.


What testing methods were used?

Quite a lot of them! The most important factors were the bandwidth and server processing power. Another variable was the physical location of the test computer, among many others.


Other things to note

There were a few results over 10 seconds, but they might have been caused by a network issue. Also, each test ran multiple times to ensure consistency. Also, the Bluehost results include both HostMonster and JustHost that share the same servers. In the end, the results are very surprising, and they do show that everything does change fast in the hosting world. If you want to get the best host, you should check the recommendations above, and the results will certainly be well worth it!


Resource: The 2016 Web Hosting Speed Test Results Have Arrived.

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