Web Design for Kids websites: Color and Theme

Designing a website for kids is exciting as you get to play around with plenty of vivid and bright colors. A when it comes to designing a site for kids, the rule of thumb is more pictures, colors and animated characters, and fewer words or content. To keep a kid interested in a website, it should be extremely visually appealing and engaging. Kids would love to spend time on a website that is fun and offers them a lot of great interactive content. The vibrant colors also help in healthy cerebral development in kids. Hence, there are some factors you would need to take into consideration when making a children’s website. Here are a few pointers.

1. Colors:

As we said earlier, bright and vibrant color themes are more appealing to kids. So the more colors you put on your website, the more attractive it will look to kids. It’s recommended that you use at least 5-6 colors on your children’s website rather than sticking to just 2 or 3 fixed colors or themes.

2. Cartoon/Animated Characters:

It is noticed that most kids’ websites that have some cartoon or animated characters. These sites are more popular than those that don’t. So try and make a cheerful and funny character whom the kids who visit your website would love to know more about. Introducing animation characters is a sure way to get kids to visit your website again and again.

3. Content:

When it comes to a kid’s website, you need to forget the lengthy content or words. Children would not be interested in reading paragraphs of boring content. Instead, keep the words simple and limited. You should even try and use big but simple fonts with attractive colors.

4. Games and interactive content:

Since it is a children’s website, you are designing, it’s best if you include a lot of games and other interactive content on the site to keep them engaged. There are nothing kids love more than playing fun online games or creative and interactive games like puzzles, digital coloring books, etc.

These were a few tips to creating a fun web design for kids websites, brought to by the Web Design Honolulu team at ClickScienceLab. For more information and web design assistance.

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