Hi everyone, today I will blog about seven tips about preparing winning crowdfunding campaign. The tips below are basic checklist for smart pre-planning, and it should be prepared at least three months before launch a project on a crowdfunding platform.

  1. Elevator Pitch
    • Any smart advertising campaigns explain and get target audiences’ attention in less than two minutes. Either online or offline, if pitch is not crystal clear and simple to understand, the chances of conversion will be low. So, compress the pitch down to less than two minutes. Also, do not expect to come up with the perfect pitch at the first attempt. Ton of grinding effort is the key.
  2. Online Proposal
    • If the elevator pitch is attractive, now the creator needs to explain the vision of the project. Online proposal has to be prepared and reviewed by other people over and over. Compose the proposal before launch the project online, so the creator can upload the finished version of the proposal when they launch the crowdfunding campaign.
  3. Fund Goal and Time
    • When investors were convinced with the vision and concept of the project, the creator need to price or value the project properly. Any current raised funds or investments will gain more trust to investors.
  4. Payment Account
    • Usually, crowdfunding sites require banking account to take payments (PayPal, Amazon, WePay, or etc.). Set up those account has to be prepared. Sometimes, verifying online payment processing account takes longer than expected.
  5. Perks and Rewards
    • Not many angel investors are out there since the creators are looking for money. Be creative on perks and rewards. If there were any similar and successful campaigns, review what perks did they offered. Tangible offers will be more attractive to audiences.
  6. Your Own Website
    • The crowdfunding platform will be a good start to generate online traffic, however the project needs to have dedicated website. Usually, the crowdfunding platform offers spaces to share updates, but the project’s own web space will a better place to communicate with potential fans. Research shows that more than thirty percent of funds will be raised via the own web networks, so invest in own website and online networks.
  7. Support
    • There are so many other projects out there looking for investors. Since the project will be place in the crowdfunding community, they will have to support each other. If the project needs support, support others as well.

Let me know with any comments. Thanks for reading today. I am logging out. GOD Bless.


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