If you want to get better results on SEO, meta descriptions should always be considered in your strategies. They might not directly and instantly help you on your page rank. However, they will entice the user to check your website. A keyword optimized meta description will be a great sales pitch for your site, and if you write an appealing one then you can get some astonishing results from your site!


What is the Meta Description?

meta description

This is a small piece of content that you can find right under the page title when you search for something in search engines. This enables you to find out more about the site you plan on visiting without having to open that page in the first place.


Which is the ideal length?

People don’t have the time to spend on reading long descriptions and search engines know that. The regular length of meta descriptions is around 155 characters for a website, and you can lower some characters for blogs to around 142. Usually, the length is determined by the search term. However, these are the values that you should focus on.


How to create a good Meta Description?

You should try to add in your keyword in the meta description but do not overdo it. Adding in too many keywords will just make the experience unappealing. Use your keyword a maximum of 2 times, once usually being more than enough. The keyword should be created as a call to action, so integrating verbs that focus on work is an excellent idea as they will entice the reader to act now!

compelling meta description








You need to state your site’s purpose

If you want to get good traffic to your website, you have to show why your site is better than others. Maybe you have the latest information; you deliver the best solutions, or you work only with professionals in the industry. Whatever the reason might be, you have to address it the best way you can, and the rest promised that the results would be great all the time thanks to that.


Always try to follow through

If you promise something in the meta description, you have to deliver on it. Click-baiting and not delivering on your promise will not only lower the SEO, but you will also deal with a large bounce rate. A good idea here is to make the meta accurate all while trying to focus on a very good user experience. Make the meta accurate and maintain a focus on what you promised for the best results. Keep in mind; this is to avoid quotes, as they will eat up space and won’t offer value. You can do that, but it’s not an excellent idea.


When can you use a meta description?

Not all pages need a meta description. This means that you should create a meta description only for the relevant pages, for example, the landing page or anything that has a call to action on it. The homepage or blog post articles can also be critical sections where you have to add a meta description.

Even if many people are overlooking the power of meta description, you shouldn’t do that at all. With their help, you can gain a lot of traffic, and you will also be able to generate significant conversions in the long run. If you want to improve your current meta description but don’t have the right knowledge, our team at Fahrenheit Marketing is here to help. With our strong focus on SEO and incredible experience, we will deliver you professional meta description writing, website development, and web design services. Contact us right now and take your experience to the next level!

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