SEO is a methodology of strategies used to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking position in a page of a search engine (SERP) — including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. If you have created a blog do not expect that by sitting it would be found in research engines. Here are some SEO tips that make your blog to be easily found on search engine.

For instance, if you have written a blog Best of MLM Leads and you want to increase the visitors to this blog, post it on the social media. For this purpose go to the website only wire. Com. This website is free for the free accounts. It connects so to the number of websites like Facebook, Blogger, MySpace, Google, and Digger. Now sign up for your account for free on this website. After signing up, click on the option of the Post. On this page of Post put the title of the blog that is “What is the best MLM leads in the whole home based industry”. Copy this title you’re your blog and paste it in the title space on the Only Wire page. Afterwards, put the link in the Webpage URL. Link can be found on the subject line, copy the link and paste it in the link space. Next step is to put keywords that would catch the eyes of people like “Best MLM Leads-want to know how to get one. Read what this doctor has to say.” In the Notes option. Next put space separated keywords like “MLM Leads Best MLM Leads Free Lead Best Targeted MLM Leads” in the option of the Tags. After checking all the social-network sites where blog is to be posted post, check business category, post now and click the option on the post.

It will now be uploaded to the site of social media. After this go to the Feedage website. This site lets Google know your content and Google pick content on your blog. Log in to this site. After logging in, select your niche which business. Put your link in the link bar and submit it. Now visit the site Ping. Fm. This is also a free website. When to log in to this site make sure to log into socio network site with an e-mail when you signed up. After logging in, select the default which is blogging. Below this put your blog title, which is “The Best MLM Leads”. Under this option give a small description about your blog in the space given. It would upload your blog to all the social media sites which you want. Now go to another free site which is Pingler.Com. put your title and link on the home page. Select the marketing category and put the capture code given. Now hit the button on the Ping. Another site to visit is the IM Talk. ORG.

This is the site where you submit to the several places to bring you back links. Log in to your account which is free. Put the blog link and the keywords in the respective bars. Select the number of places that should ping your whole blog. Now submit and it will start creating a page pinged about your website. In this way you can see your blog on various social websites. Honolulu SEO and Hawaii SEO can be used for the publicity of the blogs as well. With the help of Hawaii web design you can maintain your website as well as optimize it. To learn more how to increase your online presence, contact Honolulu SEO expert, Brians Group today. Call at 808-727-1422.

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