A recent study by eMarketer revealed that two-thirds of the nearly 23 million US mothers with teenagers under the age of 18 are active Facebook users who read and publish content on a daily basis. And although numerous businesses and advertisers try to take advantage of this vast audience, it seems this is harder said than done as polls suggest that a large majority of moms are well aware they are a tempting target for online marketers and their campaigns and are uncomfortable with this fact.


Moms Are Not an Easy Audience to Target


One can only imagine how slow and annoying this never-ending flow of direct marketing on Facebook is for them. Despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of them are interested in offers on the Internet, a quarter of all mothers claim they feel like they are being bombarded by moms advertising and someone are constantly trying to sell them something when on the Internet, according to a recent survey. This can only increase the risk for careless online marketers as they can easily make this vast audience indifferent, or even turn them against the product marketers try to offer. That would be a huge loss for any business, because more than half of US moms have purchased a product thanks to direct marketing, and nearly a quarter of them do this every month. In fact, more than half of women out there become more interested in such online advertising campaign after having children, and the reason behind this is because having a child and a family can be incredibly burdening on your budget.


How to Successfully Reach This Audience


It is no secret that having a child is time-consuming, tiring and expensive. It is only normal that moms want to have easy access to the right deals. Surveys show that the majority of moms greet marketing on Facebook with arms wide open and subscribe to email lists. This is a great opportunity for online marketers, as long as address them in a proper manner and facilitate their search for bargains. But what exactly do moms look for when on the internet?


What Moms Look For

First and foremost, they are always on the lookout for a problem-solving product to facilitate their daily routine. Price is another crucial factor, and an attractive deal is always individual to draw their attention. When it comes to price, most moms believe they will get a better deal if they like a certain brand. They want to have the ability to make an instant purchase.


Choose the Right Approach and They Will Appreciate It


Most new mothers are well aware of how the world changes and how the world changes and how advertising to moms is being incorporated in their life. And not only do they realize it, but nearly 35 percent of them find deals created especially for their needs and habits helpful.

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