Animation can be beneficial in making a presentation more dynamic, critical information and help to highlight points, but excess use of animation can be distracting. Adding sound to your presentation can increase the intensity of your animation effects. Do not let animation and music take the focus away from what you are saying. Most of the presentation experts recommend using animations and sound effects carefully.

Create a Script

Firstly, you need to create a script that describes what will happen in every scene of your presentation. Follow simple guidelines to create an engaging and captivating flow. Don’t forget to include the call to action by mentioning words like test us, try us or buy us. Read the script that you have created without pauses. Make sure that before finalizing your script, have a look at word count. IT is advised to keep your script short.

Select a Background music

The next step will work on will be is the background music. Here, you can either select a background track or record a voice-over guide. For this, you will need the mp3 file of the Text Parts of the script read out.

Create Slides and divide them

After the background is set, you need to create slides according to the script and divide them. Each slide should represent a scene and an idea, according to the outlined script. Try to keep your slides short, this way you can put a lot of interesting visuals. Having a voice over can make few words come to life by watching them on the screen. You do not need to have each word that appears in the script, but rather chose important words to highlight certain points.

Populate the Slides with timing

The next step is to populate the slides by adding graphics, background, props, images and characters to your slides. Make it a note to convey your message with the graphic images and minimum text so that your audience do not have to read the huge text to understand the motto of your presentation. This is the last step where you have to time it all to give a professional look

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