Bubble teashop industry has been grown for past 10 years in U.S.. Chewy Tapioca Pearl aka Boba and cool sealed PP cup makes bubble drink all cool and unique, but its core target is still Asians. Plus, almost all bubble teashops are using similar powder with boba and syrups, how can bubble tea shops can differentiate their products? Although all teashops serve similar products, customers still love bubble tea.  When it comes to sell commodity, branding is a key to success. Main idea is put your name out there to your ideal customers. Then, How do we brand these days? Well, as brick-and-mortar store, you gotta a have a cook interior design with customer friendly atmosphere. More importantly, online Marketing is key to the success. Check out KungFuTea in Edison New Jersey Yelp page. Online marketing activities may not visible in the store, but people find the store after researching and checking reviews. If customers see “LIKES” from their friends, likelihood to visit your store will increase tremendously. To grow your business, data matters. Check out what retail metrics you should consider, and check importance of Search Engine Ranking improvement for any businesses these days. Check out their store how they are serving customers. Usher and Hillary Clinton stopped by the store as well.










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