Since foods are expensive here in Honolulu Hawaii, we decided to try farmers market. First place that we tried was KCC (Kapiolani Community College) Farmers Market. It opens Saturday 7 am to 11 am, and I arrived around 10 am. We found a variety of local produce and prepared street foods. Food seems fresh and local. It was a bit pricey than I expected, but a lot of fun though. When we arrived at 10 am, parking was pretty okay but the market was still pack of people.

First stand we saw close the main gate was this shrimp booth. They all looked delicious but expensive. Range from $13-$14 a stick.

First thing that we tried in the market was this cool looking pineapple juice. Many people held this, so we decided to try. For the baby, this fresh organic blended juice seemed perfect for us, Plus, the juice served in the pineapple. Again, a bit expensive for what we had.

People mentioned to us that fruits are fresh and cheaper in the farmers market, but I disagree with them. Costco or Sam’s Club will be our grocery stores for a while.

Everything seems expensive, but we found a decent priced food. We love Thai food, so we tried the chicken curry. I give 5 out of 10 starts. It was not that impressive though.

Since the curry was not our thing, we decided to try something else, the fried mushroom. For $10, we can choose 2 kinds of their fries and it was decent again.

1 hour of shopping in the market was not enough time, and we wanted to see KCC campus. As anywhere in Hawaii, the view looked amazing from the upper side of KCC.

I gotta say the place was not disappointing. I absolutely love love the fact that there were many local venders, but the quality of food and price were not what we expected. Still the KCC Farmers’ Market is a must place to visit if you are on vacation in Hawaii.

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