Why would one choose internet marketing over word of mouth? For one, you miss out on the world of 24/7 internet browsers and shoppers. You miss out on over ¾ of the market by choosing not to advertise online. 78.6 percent of North America uses the Internet, and more than 85% of the population has used the internet to make purchases, worldwide.


More and more travel agencies are online instead of brick and mortar. You can buy anything and everything online without ever having to leave your house or change out of your pajamas. Even grocery stores are offering online shopping now, including home delivery. What does that mean? You don’t even have to get dressed and run to the store to buy a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk. The internet is taking the world by storm and those adapting and embracing it are growing with it, while those who refuse to use it are slowly going out of business.


If you have a competing business that advertises online, they’re much more likely to receive customers than your business. People all over the world use the internet to help them find exactly what they’re looking for. Very few people today drive around to look for what they need, and many types of research to find the best option even when recommended where to go.


If someone has a choice of going somewhere that one person told them was a great place to go, they’re likely to search online for reviews. If they found two other businesses offering the same product/service that had hundreds or more reviews they’d most likely go to the business with the highest reviews. If your business is not online, if you have no reviews showing how excellent your business is, you’re likely going to be forgotten about.


80% of internet users own smartphones; what does that mean? That even locally, if someone is out touring the town and decides they want something to eat, they’re going to use their cell phones to see what’s around to choose from. If you own a restaurant and you don’t have online advertising, unless they happen to be walking or driving by right at that moment, or you happen to be on the way to another restaurant you just missed out on a customer. Even if they do notice you, if they search online to check reviews to see how good your food/service is, if they can’t find you they may pass you by.


The world is ever changing; there’s far more technology than even just a few years ago. Those that embrace the change are thriving, wouldn’t you rather embrace it and thrive too? Far too many big corporations are taking over, and too many small businesses are closing. What’s the biggest difference between the big corporations and a friendly small, family owned business? Hawaii Internet Marketing.


What do you have to lose? Try and see if it does not grow your business. Click to learn more about Honolulu SEO today!

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