Today, we decided to go to Honolulu Zoo. We actually planned to visit the zoo before, but we were too afraid to walk around under hot sunshine. I am a tan guy, but my wife prefer to stay in pale skin as well as our baby. Without AC, it did not seem right to go outdoor for our family. Oh well, since it does not look so bad, so we decided to visit.

My wife and I visited several good zoos in mainland, so our expectation was a bit high. We were just so excited to open today’s things to do mission. The price was not that bad though.

It was kind of spontaneous visit to the zoo, so our baby daughter did not any short clothes. So, the first visit in the zoo was the gift shop. I know they will be overpriced, but we did not have a choice. But, I was happy with what we purchased for her. Little tiny yellow shirts with animals on front, I loved it.

According to the zoo map, the zoo seemed very decent size for adventure.

Apparently, Hawaii has many unique creatures and animals on the island. Lots of names of birds and animals were not familiar to us. However, some cages were empty or hard to find animals in them.

Also, compare to other zoos that we have been to, animals were really close to see. This was our baby’s first visit to the zoo, and she was so excited to see actual animals that she used to see and learn from books.

As other good places in Hawaii, wherever we go, we see trees and mountains. But, after an hour of walking under the sun, we start feeling tired.

In Hawaii, Keiki means “baby” (Kind of cute word isn’t it?),  and there is Keiki zoo.

We were expected to see more area for our baby, but this was it. She was so scared to touch any of animals in Keiki zoo any ways.

The best place for us in the zoo was the children’s playground. Zoo offers birthday party place, so this place was awesome for us. My wife can sit on the bench and I can play with my baby on the playground, and we take turns.

It was good place and good thing that we visited here, but I do not think it is worth getting annual membership unless my baby really really wanted to visit again. the parking was really cheap here, so I may need to come back to park if I wanted to walk to the Waikiki beach. Generally, good, but I and my wife are not big fan of outdoor.

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