Hiring a good sales person is as important as the stuff that you want to sell. This is why you have to do all in your power in order to stay committed towards getting the best experience and results. When you work with a professional it will be very easy, but how can you find him? With that in mind, here are the best ideas to keep in mind on how to hire your first sales rep.

Write a good job description

You need to write about what you want from that person. You want them to generate leads, to close a sale and follow up on it. You might also want them to have a specific education and you might even need them to have some experience with support and administration. All of these things are very important and they will allow you to obtain a very good set of results in the end.

Figure out what compensation works for you

Usually sales can be an expensive industry and you do need to pay good money if you want to find and keep the best reps. The idea here is simple, you need to keep a keen eye on your financials and based on that you can make the investment. Granted this will be a little tough in the beginning but it will definitely offer a good set of rewards as well. Make your expectations clear and always state the salary. If the person accepts it then good!

The best commission rate

They do expect a good commission rate from you but which one is the best? This is really hard to say honestly but most of the time you will be able to find a good commission rate at around 3%or up to 10%. Good sales reps might ask for 20% or more but if they deliver great results your return on investment can be huge. Don’t cave in to a high commission rate, ask the sales rep to prove his results and if he can deliver that then results can be huge.

Guaranteed payments should be temporary

You shouldn’t guarantee payments for a long time. Make that temporary since you will make the sales rep work hard. A high salary with a lot commission salary can be an idea, but others work with a low salary yet a high commission system. It’s up to you to choose the right approach here!

See where you recruit then focus on skills or experience

When and where you recruit is very important. You have to focus on that all the time and you should also think about experience and skill. See which one is better for you. More experience doesn’t really guarantee skills so try to figure out what will help you receive a good outcome here!


A good background and good previous results will make a sales rep more attractive. Try to study his background and based on that you can get a very good experience. Only this way you can achieve incredible results.

Reporting tools

If the sales rep is willing to use reporting tools the results can be great. Remember to always try and focus on a very good user experience. Granted it will be a challenge but it will also offer you a great insight into the things to come and the results that he can provide.

Use all these ideas to hire the best sales rep you can. Even if it might take some time, study the market because getting the best sales rep will definitely offer you outstanding experiences in the end.

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