I finally had a chance to visit Carlo’s Bake Shop in Westfiled New Jersey. The bakery is well know from one of my favorite TV shows, Cake Boss. I was expecting to see anyone from the tv show, but the shop was pretty empty. There were a couple of lessons that I learn from the store.

Number 1. Power of media

The place is far far away from where I live, but the bakery got my attention to get me there. Actually, I did not quite like the products (I did not get the custom cake, that probably why.), but I buy into the image of the place from TV show, Cake Boss.


Number 2. Upsales

They branded themselves well with TV shows. I am not sure what is their revenue look like, but a half of the place is selling Cake Boss related products. I believe media and good contents on the TV show helped them where they are right now.

Number 3. Market Domination

Now they have 13 stores (6 in New Jersey, 2 in New York, 1 in Connecticut, 1 in Nevada, 1 in Pennsylvania, 1 in Florida, and 1 in Dallas Texas). They continue grew their brand and expanded their territory. Not all bakeries can do that because of cost of expansion. But, their reputation and brand helped for sure.


Check out Carlo’s Bake Shop website to see how amazing they are.


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