If you want to do the best B2B Lead Generation, you have to fully understand what it will actually impact the bottom line. Here we want to know the way a health tech business has managed to generate more than 5100% ROI using an integrated online marketing campaign of $1 million.

In many cases, doing the best B2B lead generation is exactly the same as regular lead generation. This is why you have to focus on generating as many leads as you can from your campaigns.

You will also need to stop pouring water into the leaky buckets. You will have to create a marketing funnel that generates traffic instead of wasting your time.

The main issue with this comes from forms and landing pages. If you don’t have the right forms and landing pages you will most likely fail to convert. A tool such as Leadformly will help you better optimize your forms and it will offer you the tools and value you need. you can easily generate up to 300% more leads by optimizing your form so there is a huge value to be had here. All you have to do is to take your time and implement the best form strategies that you can find on the market. Some of these will be very efficient, others not so much. You need to refine them and figure out which one is the best to obtain a good outcome in the end.

What B2B lead generation strategies work?

It depends on who you ask and when you ask as well. For some companies, you will see that the SEO tools are by far the best you can use. On the other hand, other companies are designed to offer faster lead generation through email marketing. It all comes down to each business in the end and the efficiency will vary based on that. There are companies that show their main source of good strategies comes from content and social media marketing!

According to data from Chief Marketer, you will see that the most efficient tool is definitely email marketing, but online registration, trade shows, webinars and PPC can also be very good at B2B lead generation as well.

You have to remember that the way you use lead generation channels is equally as relevant to what channel you use. Just because you use a proper channel that doesn’t mean you will immediately get the best results. Twitter can easily have the option to be harnessed and offer the leads for a B2B business, you just have to use it the right way.

Many B2B companies have managed to harness their power in order to use great strategies and extraordinary results based on that thing alone. It all comes down to the options you use and how you use them in the first place, but results can be nothing short of impressive based on that thing alone.

5 efficient B2B lead generation methods that you can use online

Email marketing

This is surely one of the most efficient channels you have ever used. It can harness the power of many tools such as marketing automation for example in order to generate great value and very good results on the fly. The great thing about it is that it immediately connects with the CRM and it helps send targeted mails to leads. As a result, your campaigns will be targeted, more efficient and with great results. Thomson Reuters did this and they revenue was boosted by 172%, other companies did the same and they also received a very good boost as well.

What makes email marketing efficient here is the ability to capture user data and see their behavior. That has managed to boost the user results quite a bit!

Content marketing

There are many types of content that can be harnessed here. blog posts, videos and infographics. Crowe Horwath has managed to generate $25000 in revenue based on these things alone. Xerox generated $1.3 billion in revenue by using roughly the same strategies and this shows how well they work together! You can try to experiment with both common and uncommon strategies. Testing them and see which one works is the backbone of a book B2B lead generation strategy.

Search marketing

Even if it might be hard to be number one in Google today, SEO and other similar strategies can be very efficient. Your primary goal should be to reach the first page and not the first rank. The conversion rate, design and social or content marketing will also need to be a focus here. It’s a combination of all strategies that will offer you the best experience in the end.

Social media

Social media can sometimes have ups and downs for B2B lead generation but it does show that in order to harness its best results you have to make sure you get a good social presence. One of the best methods you can use for B2B lead generation is to harness the power of a social media site like LinkedIn. This will help you generate millions in value and you will have the ability to harness all that power without a problem. It’s something that will deliver consistency, professionalism and great results!

Combine all of them

Obviously, not all B2B lead generation strategies might work individually. If that is the case for your company, you should just try to combine them together. The Optum company did this and they managed to obtain $52 million from that alone. Experimentation is the key if you want to get good B2B lead generation results.

Sure, there will sometimes be losses and the return on investment might not be the best all the time but you have to try it out. That’s what makes B2B lead generation so efficient, the fact that you can really get a good ROI without having to focus on a particular strategy. You can do that, but you can also combine them and results will definitely get to be better!


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