Do you want to learn about advertising agency? Mad Men is a television drama series which was first shown on July 19, 2007, on the cable network AMC. This American period drama series was created by Matthew Weiner and produced by Lionsgate Television. After seven seasons of drifting integrity, social codes, sophisticated politics and precise mid-century fashion, Mad Men is drawing to a close. After 92 superb episodes, the final episode was aired on May 17, 2015. This series about ad men and women who populated Madison Avenue in the 50s, 60s and 70s has shown its characters go through great change. Don Draper, Peggy Olson, and his team experienced a lot of personal and professional revolution; I was able to conclude following five tips from Mad Men one can learn as entrepreneur leader.


Try to attract your clients

Draper was well aware of the fact that customer’s happiness should be the first preference. It means for selling a product it should be kept in mind that how the product, you are selling is of the vast benefit to the customer and it is facilitated to them. When you are keeping it in mind, it will create a long lasting association between product and customer. And all of his campaigns invocate to emotions to make the sale. It can be better explained with the first episode when Draper launched an idea to Kodak. He made a presentation in which he used his family slides to depict a real life picture to appeal the emotions.


Physical Presence works

To appeal the emotions of customers, physical presence is a critical point and makes a strong interaction between customer and product which will go a long away. Credit goes to the internet which has provided an opportunity to form a relationship. An Example from Mad Men series was from Season 3, Draper and his team continually used props to help make their point, that is something that can be done in- person.


Loyal customers should be preferred

Draper taught this valuable lesson that a permanent, trustworthy and loyal customers should be valued and not ignored for high profile brands offering more money because these steadfast customers are a base of the company. Although it is a lusty decision because it is tempting to grow and try for much more. Draper explained at one point early in the show Sterling Cooper wanted to entertain American Airlines, but Draper preferred long-time customer Mohawk Airlines. He made the point that loyal clients matter.


Always keep Plan B

Draper gave a lesson through this marvelous series named Mad Men that you should always be ready for changed situation when there comes some fault in your plan get ready to use plan B. This skill makes a person successful and it is a very important marketing strategy. The best example is the Hilton Hotels pitch. When your client is saying no and has something ready to go just in case.


Keep opportunities open for Talent

Don Draper conveyed this lesson through character Peggy that if young and talented persons are not your employees then open opportunities for them for a betterment of your company. As in episode, Peggy started off as Draper’s secretary then promoted to copywriter and eventually upgraded to company’s founder.


Advertising is based on one thing, happiness. And you know what happiness is? Happiness is the smell of a new car. It’s freedom from fear. It’s a billboard on the side of the road that screams reassurance that whatever you are doing is okay. You are okay.

– Don Draper –

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